Much Consternation with Early Stamp Vending Machines

The following article was taken the Creswick Advertiser (Victoria) 6 January 1914 upon the introduction of stamp vending machines into Melbourne. The article was sourced from Stampboards a very informative internet discussion group. The article is transcribed (bottom of page) for ease of reading.

Verbatim transcription as follows:

The stamp machines have not started auspiciously in this city. After giving the mechanics attached to the Postal Department much trouble, and goading them to the use of variegated language in public places, one or two machines have been got into operation. But they are erratic. One day they will absorb pennies, but give nothing in return. The next [day] will find them repentant, and handing out six stamps for a penny. Mr Agar Wynne [Head of Postal Department] is to be commended for all his many efforts to be in the van of progress, but there is a danger of these stamp-selling contrivances rendering him liable for the pains and penalties that attend the running of poker machines, and such like mechanical means of pandering to the great public hunger for a mild gamble.