Collection Selection

This list is for those looking for ideas to commence or refine a stamp collection:

  • Postal History  – Even modern commercial letters are difficult to source.  Contemporary covers with solo stamp franking can be particularly lucrative.
  • Thematic  – A thematic collection can incorporate complimentary non-stamp materials.  Take a scrapbooking approach if you wish, it doesn’t have to be too formal.
  • By Country or Region or Era  – Constrain your collection to say Australia 1913-1970, or King George V, or Post WWII Germany etc.  The possibilities are virtually endless.
  • All of World  – Good luck. You may want to constrain an all of world collection to say pre-1970 or post 1900 etc and/or simplified sets only.  Are you prepared to extend the house to accommodate the collection?
  • Rarities – Suggestions include:. British Commonwealth Queen Victoria Chalons, SG1 from each country, or the varieties of the Australia SG2 Penny Red Roo.  For the specialist.
  • Flaws and Varieties  – Include in your collection flaws and varieties as per say Stanley Gibbons ‘One Country’ or Commonwealth Catalogues.
  • Dates  – Some crazy fanatics aim to collect postmarks with all the dates across a particular era. Eg.  Australia 1 Penny Reds during World War 1 (1914-1918) or any country since 1840. Sundays and even Christmas Days are possible, particularly for some early and overseas issues.  Good Luck!
  • Perfectionist Vs Scrapbook  – Decide where on the perfectionist scale you fall.  A perfectionist will take great efforts to order and re-order their collection.  Like the keen golfer they are never completely happy with the result. On the other end of the spectrum a scrapbooking approach to a thematic collection can also be quite a rewarding approach.
  • Investment  – Whist certain classes of stamps have proven to be sound financial investments, specific philatelic and market knowledge is required.  We counsel the novice against collecting stamps solely for investment.

Your collecting approach is a reflection of yourself and whilst it is advisable to seek ideas from others, a unique approach is quite acceptable.  Afterall it is your collection.